This will be short and sweet. I was once guilty of what I am about to be critical of in the following sentences.

Tell YOUR story. Many people give advice and use the examples of someone they know, better yet they use the “I have this friend” approach. I have learned to speak on things I have experience in and If I don’t I find the answer. Do not be afraid to use your life as an example, you matter and even more important, so many people can relate to your situation.

Frankly, I thought my life was boring. Who would want to hear my story? I grew up with both parents in the home, who did not have everything but they provided me and my siblings with a great childhood. I did not have the greatest name brand clothes but it was good enough to socially get us by, we played sports and they never missed a game. My life up to this point wasn’t a struggle like most of my friends growing up. It took me a while to realize that my story is common enough and for people to relate to it. I now use my experiences as a guide for others to see that it is possible to make something of yourself if your mentality can change. Create winning habits and put out positive energy. You will receive that blessing back. Do not be ashamed to be you! Be Inspired!

Define U


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