Planning is everything. What would we do if we did not know the path we wanted to take? We would be lost and as we all know that feeling is a bit surreal. The only way to remain in control of our lives to have a plan. We should all strive to know our definite goals in life. To achieve these goals, you should map out everything you can think of, including obstacles and even preparing yourself for the triumph ahead. Often, we forget that success needs to be planned for as well, it could eat you up worse than the bad things in your life.

I talk to most people who do not plan. The easiest way to do this is to start slow. Plan your days out. Set some goals for tomorrow and plan your day to meet those goals. You will be surprised out how easy it can be to solve the task and feel better at the end of the day knowing you accomplished something. Be tedious in this practice, write down what you will eat as well. It will keep you honest. I will give you a trick to holding yourself accountable as well. When you look back on your day and see what you have done, get out your red marker and put a line through what did not get done. Even if you ate something different than what is written down. This is to be aware of our failures as well. Staying Humble is the key to any success. Try it out and let me know what works for you. Be Inspired!

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