“The easiest thing to sell is truth” -Daymond John


Simply put, this hit the nail on the head. Nothing is more profitable than the truth. I am a financial advisor amongst other things and when I sit down across from someone and I educate them on finance the best thing I or anyone can do for them is telling the truth. Cold hard facts and nothing else. People ask me what my strategy is… Point, blank, period the easiest way to answer that question for me is with four words. “I tell the truth.”

Here’s what happens when you tell the truth vs lying or making up stories to make it sound better. Trust is the number one thing that comes from telling the truth. It builds relationships between you and another person, or conversely between you as a business and the customer. If a customer trust you, they come back to you, there is no fear of misrepresentation or a feeling that you are trying to get something for nothing. Providing value is the best way to run your business and your personal relationships. Get used to building good relationships through your good habits. There is no better habit than telling the truth.


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