We all want freedom. We want the freedom in all aspects of our lives, there are rules to everything and to be honest, nobody really likes to follow them. There are blueprints for everything, how to stay fit, how to invest money, how to make money, how to cook, etc. We all want the glory but very few are willing to make the sacrifice.

The sacrifice I am speaking of is our ego. Pride is a hell of a drug! At some point, you will have to buy into the madness. You have to sell out and go for it. There are paths that are in front of us for a reason. Follow it and build your own legacy upon the same path. The beautiful thing is there is alway someone watching you. Your kids will do what you do more than they do what you say. For that very reason, we should all strive to take action towards the goal of taking our freedom back. Take control over your life. Stop waiting for someone else to hand you a bag of money or to magically wake up tomorrow with your perfect version of a body. Every form of freedom takes work, even that of having a positive mindset. It takes work! Are you willing to put the work in? Are you willing to sacrifice your ego to achieve the ultimate goal of success? I sure hope so because If not you will be looking back at your life wondering what could have been, and that is a mental prison I don’t wish upon my worst enemy. Get to work! Be Inspired!

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11 thoughts on “At Some Point

  1. But…. i really want….NEED…that free bag if money lol I’m jk I’m inspired. Your posts always make me feel so lazy for sitting and scrolling on here when I could be doing something else more effective hahaha

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