I have recently taken on a new venture into the finance world. I am obsessed with this industry at this point. I have never been good at math but I have always been good at counting my money. No joke! I was the kid who everyone trusted at the ice cream truck because I could yell out what the proper change I was supposed to get back at the age of 5. This wasn’t hard for me to admit but I had a love-hate relationship with money. I loved what it could do for me but hated what it stood for. Since educating myself and emerging myself into that world I have come to realize that money is not the problem fear of money is the root of all evil.

Do you have a fear of money? What I mean is do you fear what it means to have money? It is not easy to admit this because you’re probably thinking right now, “Of course I’m not, I love money, I want a lot of it.” I was the same way. It wasn’t until I really broke down how much money it will take for me to be financially independent that I realized the key to getting over your fear of money is to understand what it means to you. Understand what it takes and how much it takes for you to build the life of your dreams. Once you understand the finish line, the race becomes easier. You will know the fear has gone away when you start to educate yourself on how money works for you and other people. Meaning how does the system work. I have to warn you that once you start to educate yourself you will go through emotions of anger, sadness, happiness and motivation. The only question I have that you need to answer is How bad do you want to understand your future?

Understand and live your purpose.

Define U


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