Friday Spotlight: A Quote By Mahatma Ghandi

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” -Mahatma Ghandi

Looking for quotes for today’s spotlight and this one jumped out at me. How true is this? If you have ever wanted to do something with your life you will understand this. First, they ignore you. Nobody pays attention to the beginning of the journey because people love the end result. Nobody jumps on a bandwagon when it’s broken or when it is just getting started, the fans come from the result of all the pain. Let us not forget that once you get going they will laugh at you. This one hurts the most because usually, it will come from the people closest to you. They will laugh at you because you will make mistakes. What you learn on your way to the top is mostly made up of pages and pages of “how not to do this.” Once the laughter is over and people start to realize you are not stopping your dreams after failing a few times, this is the part where most fail. People begin to fight you. This stage is where most of your real haters come from. They serve no purpose in your life but to bring you down and to stop what you are trying to build. These are the people telling you to not do it, to quit, it won’t work. This stage is the hardest to break away from. It gets lonely.

Then you win! Not only do you win at proving everyone wrong, you have a unique opportunity to not rub it in anyone’s face. Holding the victory flag at the top of the mountain is enough I told you so for a lifetime. We should all strive to hold that flag. If you’re anything like me you are probably tired of seeing everyone else hold that damn flag. I’m coming for it. I will not lose! Be Inspired!

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