I did not grow up in the very best of neighborhoods. I did not let the streets get to me but I have noticed something as an adult. The people in my neighborhood and to be honest the surrounding areas within a 100-mile radius are in the same negative mindset when it comes to money. I realize that most of the United States have this same mentality. We are afraid of money.  We are afraid of what it could do to us mentally and what it will mean to those around us. I hear all the time, Don’t let money change you. I do not believe in this at all. Money does not change people, it just brings out the real person within you. Your habits are what make you who you are.

Do not be afraid of money, it cannot do anything without you. Think about how much money you need to be completely financially independent. By financially independent I mean you not having to worry about money while not working. What kind of life do you want to live? What are the luxuries you desire? How many vacations will you take? This is important because this will directly affect your mindset while saving this money.

I have an exercise for you to complete. Sit down and write down everything you desire. By everything, I really do mean everything. Write down what you would like to do when you are completely financially independent and then find out how much all of this will cost. Do not be afraid of the number. You will be very surprised when you find out the number isn’t as high as you think it is. Do not be realistic when it comes to this exercise because it will defeat the purpose of the mindset you will have to achieve it.

This week I will be only discussing money. Tomorrow We will talk about How you can start to change your mindset to actually achieve these dreams.

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