If you have children you will understand this next sentence perfectly. People will do what you do more than they do what you say. Most of the time when someone wants advice from you, they aren’t looking for the answers, they are looking for validation on how they really feel about it. Most of the people really looking for answers will only talk to people they know have lived and gone through a similar struggle. Results matter! results are what separate the great from the good. Nobody cares how hard you work because frankly nobody but you really knows how hard you work. People see the end result and make assumptions about the work you put in.

With that being said, Today’s post is about the people who are watching you bust your butt and get the results. Lead by example. Someone is watching your every move and the example that you set forth is crucial. You could be literally shaping someone’s life. Think about that for a second. The beautiful thing about this is you don’t have to do anything but keep working hard. Inspiration is everywhere and best of all it’s FREE. Think about the people in your life that you gravitate to and ask yourself why that is. It’s probably someone you don’t even think about. Also, think about who might be looking at you. Stay busy. Be Inspired!

Define U


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