Unlimited Mental Capacity

There is no rule that says we have to stop learning. Why do we stop? Why do we feel like we are satisfied once we get to a certain space in our lives? When you fall in love do you believe that the love stops? Of course, it doesn’t, we often understand that love is to be constantly¬†worked at and that light needs to be relit over the years. This is how we need to look at knowledge. Learn, learn, learn every day, all day. If we are not evolving in our knowledge than we are dying in our lives. Somebody will always pass you up if you stop. Every day I read at least 30 pages of a book. I do at least one hour of self-development. I do this because it is important to be the best version of me on a daily basis. I am a financial advisor and I help people change their mindset to think more like a champion. I feel like it would be a disservice to those I speak to If I am not the best version of me. What is your personal feeling about this? What is your why? You need to find a reason why you want to be great. Is it for your kids? For yourself? Choose wisely because this reason will be the foundation to your drive. There will be some days where you feel like doing nothing, taking a break. That’s where the WHY comes in. Go be great! Be inspired and remember to NEVER stop learning.

Define U


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