We all know that nobody is perfect, so, why do we act like everything is perfect? There, in fact, is no future in putting on a front. It’s no secret that we are not meant to be perfect human beings, in a perfect world being put in perfect situations. Make a decision starting right now to embrace your faults. Life is so much more than wishing on a star. Begin to take the steps to create your own luck by making mistakes. Yes, you read that right, make mistakes. Making mistakes is better than faking perfections. Learn to love the mistakes you make, you will need them, they need you. Most importantly, everyone coming behind you needs your mistakes to learn from as well. Mistakes mean experience and experiences are how the world continues to grow. Who do you want to leave a legacy for? Who will benefit from your experiences? Think about this the next time you feel the need to act in favor of perfection.

To wrap it u I want you to understand that I do not mean give up on trying to be the best you can be. I simply want you to not stress on the fact that things happen and they go wrong at times. Every single day strive to be great. Just embrace the obstacles on that path. Be Inspired!



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