When the blessings start to flow in your favor you need to make sure you are ready to receive them? Most people think that the hard part is making it to the success. The hardest part about success is keeping the success. So many people tell you what they believe you need to do to make it to the top but seldom do we hear what it takes to stay there.

I hear so many people complain about having bad luck, not knowing that the luck the receive is all they are ready for. Good things happen to people who expect good things to happen. Do you think you are in the right mindset to receive blessings? Most people will say “YES, I have been waiting my whole life for a big break” That indeed may be the problem. Stop waiting on blessings and create them. Do good for others and you will get that blessinge back ten fold. Some do not understand that the only way to be completely happy is to make others happy. All the money in the world won’t make you happy, it’s what you do with that money that makes you happy. No, I do not mean what you buy. There is little satisfaction in the material things we buy. It’s like going to church. Everyone feels brand new when they leave church but true happiness in faith comes by the practice of that faith in every day life.

Your mission after reading this is to practice good habits to perfect your craft of the perfect YOU! I believe in you! Be Inspired!



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