What vibe are you putting out in the universe? I speak a lot about the energy you have on a daily basis and it’s for a very good reason. Your energy will directly affect your daily life for better or for worse. Your vibe, however, will effect others around you. 

How do people feel around You? Are you a leader or are you just another face in the crowd? Many people believe They are the leader but their actions tell another story. What are your actions saying about You? Think about this for a second. Your actions are directly involved with the energy you put out into the world and the reactions from those that surround you are directly effected by the vibe you give to the people. What will you Friday to make sure that positivity and prosperity are the energy and vibe you put out. Do not over complicate this. Start by smiling at someone. A smile is putting prove energy out there and when you get a smile back that other person has caught on to your vibe and is now putting that same energy out in the world. This can be duplicated all day with kindness and decency. Be the energy you wish to see and feel. Be inspired! 



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