There is no way around adversity. Life will indeed throw you curveball’s and the only way to hit them is to embrace that you will get them to begin with. I love baseball so indulge me just a bit. There is a saying in baseball that goes “look fastball and adjust to the curve.” This in terms of life means to always be ready for your pitch. Be ready for your opportunity to shine, but when that curve ball comes adjust to hit and take it in stride. A curveball could be something like your car breaking down, plans falling through, your day not going how you wanted, something a lot more serious as a death in the family. In short the curveball = adversity. We all are faced with obstacles and the strong people hurdle them and keep moving forward. Many people don’t realize that you are born with the ability to hit a curveball. You are born to be able to get through adversity. Nobody remembers the first time they tried to take a step and fell. You don’t remember because you got up and walked. You didn’t let the failure define you. Keep it that way. Let your success do the talking. Be Inspired!



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