Doubt is the single worse thing you can put into your mindset. Where does doubt come from though? It comes from hesitation. When you want to do something and hesitate, you are telling your brain to doubt what may not even happen, to begin with. Some of the most successful people in the world just DO! Wouldn’t it be great to have life react to you instead of you reacting to what life throws at you? It seems impossible to think about right? It seems that way because your mindset is telling you that fear sometimes wins and that’s okay. No, it’s NOT okay. I cannot accept the fact that fear can win. Especially since fear itself is made up in our imaginations of something that may or may not be true. As a young boy, I used to be afraid to speak to girls. As many young boys, the fear was the rejection that may or may not come. The funny thing is the reality has never been as bad as my mind made it be.

How do you break the habit of hesitation? You take a deep breath and react. You face your “fear” and punch it in the face, that’s the only way.  The only through a door is to open it or break it down. Either way, the hesitation to take that action is what doubt and ultimately fear is built upon. It is my belief that how we react to our doubts and fears is what truly defines us. What will you be known for? Be Inspired!



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