What are you willing to risk for your dreams to come true?


I’ll be honest, it will be a lot bigger sacrifice than you think. At first, you will think it’s just a sacrifice of things like going out with friends, buying material items for yourself, etc. The most important thing you can ever sacrifice is your time. People often underestimate the time you will have to spend on making your dreams come true. Unfortunately, this is the reason people give up on their dreams. They do not want to give up their time. I didn’t initially. I quit so many of my “dreams” as recently as two years ago because I didn’t want to put the time in.

You will know the moment you decide to make the sacrifice. It’s the feeling you have when you don’t have a choice of how to feel. It the feeling you get when your only option is to make it happen, that feeling is called Passion! Once your passion for something kicks in you will not think of the time as a risky sacrifice, you will think of it as a necessary evil to conquer. You can develop a passion for something by doing the opposite of what I and so many people still do. People often start their passion with this question “How can I make this a business?” “How can I make money doing this?” This is the wrong train of thought because at this point you are not doing it for the love, you’re doing it for the money. Start every project off as a hobby and you will continue to make decisions based on love and passion, not money and greed. So, again I’ll ask you “What are you willing to risk for your dreams to come true? Be Inspired!


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