To be frank, you will never get anywhere in any capacity of life unless you love yourself more than anyone else. If you have kids and feel that you love them more that is a different type of feeling. You cannot love anyone or anything without first loving yourself. Why? Simple, the energy you put out in the world is directly correlated with how you feel about you. Have you ever talked to a person and they start to physically look better to you because their personality is amazing? It’s the energy they are giving you. happy people bring happy thoughts.

How can you start to love yourself more? 

Nobody knows you better than you know yourself. What do you like to do? What would you do for free every single day of your life? Once you find that answer you will find your purpose. Once you find your purpose the key to happiness is living every day within that purpose. To be truly successful at fulfilling your purpose in life you must make sure you are satisfied with yourself every day. If you want to be healthier and in better shape find a workout regimen that fits you. Nothing in your life has to be traditional. Remember, this is YOUR life.

How to make others love you?

I will say this over and over and over again. The energy you put out is what you get back. Energy and vibes are contagious and we all live in our own bubble. What does your space tell you about yourself? Are you in a positive space? If you let people into your positive space they will feed off of your energy. Be a light to someone in need. Others will gravitate towards your greatness.

Be Inspired!



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