For the most part, everyone can tell you what inspires them. Here is the problem that I noticed while talking to people. They can tell you what inspires them but they don’t proceed with any action. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing! What good is it to be inspired and not have any passion for the inspiration? What inspires you? Comment on the post and let me know.

The beautiful thing about inspiration is the effect it has on people around you. The challenge is to not just have action towards your inspiration but to LIVE  your inspiration. It comes down to how bad you want your goals. How bad do you want to complete the mission? Inspiration is the act of making others want to be better. It comes in everything that we do. You would be surprised about what inspires people. Last year while at a baseball tournament, my son and I were having a conversation in the parking lot. He was feeling down about not having the best of games and me being a dad I tried to lift his spirits to put forth a better effort in the upcoming game. I can’t remember exactly what I told him but shortly after a woman walked up to me and said that she heard what I said to my son and was inspired to uplift her Aunt while she was fighting cancer. It just dawned on me that I have never told that story before.  It shocked me that words that I told my son could inspire someone to uplift a family member in time of need with something as serious as cancer. That moment made me realize that someone is always watching, someone is always in need of some kind words. Be mindful of the energy you put out in the world. Go give someone that much needed push of positivity. Be great!

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