Why Do We Separate?

There is one thing in this world that bothers me more than anyone could ever know. I hate how separated we are as a people. I believe the root of all evil is bred in the separation of human beings. We are so caught up in hanging out with “our people” and only talking to our circle of friends that we forget that other humans…are human.

For example…


It is very easy to understand how a person can be racist. It was taught to them by someone before them. It’s that simple! The fact is people wouldn;t be racist towards a group of people if they knew those same people personally. For instance, a white man wouldn’t hate black people If he had black friends. Why? because he wouldn’t have a reason to.

Whatever happened to being a decent human being. At the end of the day, that is all we have, being decent! If more people set out on a daily basis to be a decent human being, imagine the beautiful things we can accomplish. Psshh just look at what we have already accomplished. We have built incredible buildings and uplifting one another in times of need. There is no reason why we can’t lift up one another PERIOD! Today’s blog was a little bit of a rant and I appreciate you for giving me your time. It really means a lot. Go make a friend.

Be inspired!




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