I am speaking at the Autism Speaks Walk this weekend April 29, 2017. When I was asked to speak at the event I immediately started to do more research on Autism. I have learned some incredible things about the disability and the people who have been diagnosed with it. Through my endless clicking on different websites and reading articles, talking to parents with kids who have autism, talking with people who have autism themselves, I have felt pain, anger, triumph, and happiness. All of these emotions happened in one day.

I won’t go into much more of my research because the point of today’s blog is to get you to open your mind a little. Learn about something new today. Now, usually I say learn something that will benefit you and your goals which I still believe to be true and worth it but today I would love for everyone to learn about something with the sole purpose of helping someone else. For me, it was Autism, for you, it could be anything else. We all have friends and family members that have some disability that we may know nothing about. I encourage you to learn about this because once you do a realization will set in that it is exactly what you needed. I noticed that learning about Autism helped me realize why I created Define U. It made me realize that the world is bigger than any one problem I have. People have REAL problems and I hope to be a vessel of positivity and motivation. Through my words, I hope to inspire many people! So much so that they realize the champion was always in them, it just needed to be let loose. Let your inner champion shine! Go learn! Be Inspired!



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