In two days I will be standing in front of 30 Thousand plus people at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. Ready to give a speech.

Should I be nervous?

I am at my best when the pressure is on. When the stakes are high is when my thoughts are most clear. Always have been this way. I remember being in school and not studying for the test, but still getting a very good grade on it. Just recently as a year ago I started to get nervous before certain events. This isn’t me! I have never been this way before. Why? Why now? Why two days before am I nervous that I will fall flat on my face?

Let me tell you my true feelings on this…


I love that I am feeling this way. The audacity of my ego was beginning to get to me. I am a very confident gentleman but sometimes I have to check myself. I am grateful that I have grown enough to be able to humble myself in these moments. This new feeling has forced me to look over my speech and fine tune it. I believe for the better.

This makes me want to write about how people stand in their own way on the road to success and happiness. There are too many people in the world that are afraid to check themselves. It’s the fear of having to tell yourself “I told you so” and nobody likes to hear that. We want to believe that we can fix any problem but half of the time most people don’t even know what the problem is. So, this past week I have been doing research on my speech topic and have refined my words. Now my anxiety has turned into excitement. See you all at the top! Be inspired!



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