I have many fears in life. One of them is mediocrity. I do not want someone to look in my direction and think the word mediocre. I try to have everything in my life be excellent.

With that said, I have noticed a few things. Most people are willing to be mediocre in certain key areas of life. There is a widespread problem of people in this world who put in a mediocre effort. If you don’t put the effort in your lifestyle will give it away. You will have a mediocre relationship, career, car, house, etc. Whatever is valuable to you make sure your work ethic allows you to live that lifestyle. If you aren’t happy where you are in life the easy answer is your effort. If you are putting in maximum effort and not seeing the immediate results, KEEP GOING! The world will move out of your way once it see’s you won;t quit. Again, the energy you put out is the energy you get back.

How do you stop this? Change your mindset. Anything that you want to do in life starts with making a decision. Lazy people make the choice to do nothing. Amazing people make the choice to be as such. Do not make the mistake of waiting for a handout. Nobody is coming to save you.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Be blessed! Be inspired!



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