It’s Monday! How did you guess? I love Monday’s as previously stated in earlier blog posts, I love Monday because it means work gets done. It means everyone knows that they have to get things done. Businesses run smoother on Monday. The goal is to work and live life every single day with this mentality. Build that mental momentum and take ownership of your mental breakdowns in the past.

The fact is most people hate Monday. They hate it because they have a lazy mindset. I don’t ever call someone physically lazy because our bodies only do what out minds tell it to do. We move as our brain moves. Our motivations flourish as our mindset goes. You can move a mountain if you first get over the fact that it may be impossible. The lesson is there is you can move ANYTHING with the right mentality. At the very least you will fall short and achieve something much greater than you originally would have shot for.

So, tell me again why you hate Monday’s? I’m listening! Be Blessed! Be Inspired!



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