You’re ready to take over the world, motivation is at an all time high and you feel better than you have ever felt before, but first, you need to do blah blah blah…

Anybody ever felt that way before? I know I have and to be honest I hate it. I don’t like falling into the mental trap of But first… That is exactly what it is a mental trap. It feeds into the very existence of negativity and laziness. The only antidote to laziness is action. Just DO! There will never be a perfect time for that perfect moment. Perfect moments are created by the very action that follows the pressure point.

What is this pressure point? 

The pressure point is the exact mental moment where you make your decision. So let’s say I ask you what you want to eat? That trigger in your brain that starts to think about the food you would like is the pressure point. It’s the moment of decision, the moment of truth. Get to a point where you start to master that moment. That is the moment that separates the Legendary from the great, and the great from the good. Strive to be legendary!

Have the audacity to challenge your limits. Do not let fear interfere with your success as it does to so many. Successful people are where they are in life because they have taken the risk and dealt with the consequences accordingly. You can get to this point and to be honest, it’s not that difficult. It’s all in the mentality. The one thing that stops many people from reaching their version of success is time! Not many people persevere anymore. The motivation is there and you feel super great “but first” You need to fix this or this has to be perfect before I start or The plan isn’t finished yet. Remember, JUST DO! Make the decision and start now! Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone! Make the rest of your life the best of your life. Be Blessed! Be Inspired!




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