There are a lot of ways I can go with this post. Today it will be the mental aspect of being institutionalized. First, let’s define Institutionalized. It is defined as established in practice or custom.

We practice the art of laziness and we customize it to our personal lives. This is why it is hard to get started on things. We all want that diet to work, we all want to get to a gym or to just exercise in general. We don’t because we customize our minds to be stagnant. One of the best books I have ever read is called the 5 second Rule written by Mel Robbins. She explains that every decision we make is left up to a 5-second decision followed by action. “Followed by action!” Every mental decision you make is followed by action, it’s up to you to determine what type of action that will be.

It’s very clear that if we all decide to implement positive action in everything we do, life would be better for all of us. Things start to fall apart when we put that negative energy out in the world. Do not contribute to the negative that this world brings. I realize it is easier said than done but that negativity is the core of what being institutionalized is made from. Do not be a prisoner to your laziness! it’s a lot easier to deal with the bad when you can find the silver lining in everything. Break your mind free of all things negative and watch the blessings¬†flow. You’ll have good days very often. Be blessed! Be Inspired!



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