Friday Spotlight: A Quote By Roland Martin

“I think faith is vitally important to your day, your seconds in each day. Faith helps to get you through the day.”

If this isn’t true I don’t know what is. Having faith in whatever you believe in is essential to survival. Faith is what gets us through tough times, it’s the anecdote to fear. Fear ruins everything for us mentally, it tells us that it’s time to give up because we will lose anyway, faith tells us that what’s on the other side of fear is everything that we have ever wanted in life.

Most people dabble in their faith and only use it when they feel it’s necessary. I say carry that strong will and faith with you every second of the day and you won’t feel like you need a miracle. Miracles are hard to come by but good karma is easily accessible. Stay true to your core values and live by your faith and you will soon see the blessings fall in your lap. Be blessed! Be Inspired!



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