Are you waiting for the perfect storm? What I mean by this is are you waiting for all the stars to align so the chips fall in the perfect slots? Please, I hope the answer was no. Unfortunately, for most of you, the answer is yes if we are being honest. People often wait for that perfect moment to do something. They wait for the perfect storm to create the momentum necessary for them to begin the success process. I want to be very clear with this next sentence. THERE WILL NEVER BE A PERFECT TIME!

The closest you will ever come to a perfect time is saying something like “If not now, when?” Do not compromise your growth for a perfect moment. Great moments are created not handed. Nobody is going to come up to you with the perfect opportunity just because it’s Monday. GO GET IT! Stop waiting around to become awesome, prove to the world that you are what’s been missing in the lives of those who need you. Start today! Be blessed! Be Inspired!



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