Taste The Cake!

I hate that phrase “You want your cake and to eat it too.” You DAMN right! Why would anyone not want that? Here’s another classic… Life is too short! You only live once! We can do this all day.

The reason I feel so fired up about this today is for the same reason listed above. We only live once and before we know it those years fly by so quickly. So live your life the way you want with as much happiness as possible. Do not let anyone bring you down to their level of thinking. Educate yourself and go after your passions. It’s not enough to want to do these things, you have to put these things into action. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Get off the couch, get off the computer and be productive. Too many of us do things for leisure and not for future. Make the best of your life the rest of your life. Be Blessed! Be Inspired!



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