“Often, people who can do, don’t because they’re afraid of what people that can’t do will say about them doing.” -Trevor Noah

WOW! This may be my favorite quote to do a spotlight on. This literally embodies what the world is going through right now. This is the exact reason why people fail and never try again. This is the rebuttal to every cliche motivational quote or phrase. People are afraid of what others think so much that they don’t do anything at all. Every day I see people not try or not give the effort the know they need to give because they are afraid of what people who can’t do what they do will say about them. It’s ridiculous!

Here is the best question I can ask you. Why do you care? Why do you care what others think about you? Not one person can walk your path, not one person can think, react and feel exactly as you do. Excuse my language but one of my favorite Jay-Z lines is “What you eat don’t make me shit.” TRUTH! I move the way I move, I talk, think and walk MY WAY. I don’t give a damn what you think about me. I stay righteous and true to myself and God. My kids love me! The people close to me believe in me. That’s all I need. This is the mentality you need to carry for yourself. You are enough! Remember that. Be blessed! Be Inspired!



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