As I get older I have learned to not stay in one mindset for too long. Even if you have a great mindset and a positive outlook, we are always evolving. Adapt to the times. Expand your knowledge.

Today, specifically I want to talk about staying in the state of blah for too long. This usually comes after a letdown. After we make mistakes one of two things happen immediately. We either let it go and look for a solution or we harp on the mistake and let it sizzle. Unfortunately, most people stay and let it burn. This is dangerous for your mindset because it creates a habit of negativity and that is the habit that breeds the most poverty. If you make a mistake be the person that takes it on the chin and rolls with it. Nobody likes making mistakes because often it affects more than just ourselves but when you wrap around the fact that everyone has and will continue to make mistakes, life becomes much easier. Keep it simple! Understand that bad things will happen and adjust your mindset to conquer that negativity. Make the rest of your life the best of your life. Be Blessed. Be Inspired.

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