Pick Someone Up

The best thing I have ever done in my life is help someone else in need. I try to make that my daily mission. Every day help someone else do something. Simple, right? It should be but I truly believe that this world is divided because everyone is out to only serve themselves and their personal beliefs. How great would it be to know that if you were struggling with something you could have someone in need? How great would it be if you knew that no matter what someone had your back? Now, you may say that you already have that support system via family or friends. My challenge to you is to be that way for everyone you can. Be the person that anybody can come to, even if you feel like you can’t help. If someone asks you to borrow money and you are not in a position to lend that type of help, find another way to help. Offer to be their support system. Be a friend! The energy you put out is the energy you get back and that positive happy energy you put out in the world will inspire those you come into contact with, thus making this world a very awesome place to live. Be Blessed! Be Inspired!


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