The Sun Is Shining

Yesterday I had a terrible day. Nothing seemed to go right for me. I started my day off by waking up later than I wanted, still with a positive attitude I set out to a meeting about 45 minutes away from where I lived. I get there with the right mindset, ready to handle some business and help a family and I got no showed. That’s right, I was stood up. I called another family in the area and nothing came of that. The day continued to go like this for a while. I was down and out which is unusual for me because I’m always happy and positive. Heres why. Later that day I surrounded myself with great friends and a positive environment and good things began to happen. I got a message I had been waiting on for weeks. A great email, a few laughs. It made me realize that through the struggle there is always beauty. Bad days are my choice! YOU get to choose whether it will be a bad day or a few bad moments throughout the day.

Find the beauty in every thing that you do and you will never have a bad day. I’m so grateful for the people around me and this platform to vent every now and then. I know we can all relate to this because of course, everyone has days where it seems like nothing goes right. Keep your head up and know the sun still rises every day. Even in the darkest of moments, there is light coming. Just don’t give up before you get to the end of the tunnel. Be blessed! Be Inspired!



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