Weekend Motivation

Straight motivation today. You can fo this! Whatever this is for you just know that you got this! Too many people hear or spread so much negativity that it becomes a part of their life. Do not fall victim to this energy. If you’re saying “that’s not me, never” let me tell to stop that right now. Don’t be naive to the fact that you too can fall into this mindset. Respect the process and dont take those baby steps for granted. Get out there this weekend and make it happen for you and your loves ones. Be Blessed! Be Inspired!


Don’t Let Your Mistakes Kill You

We all make mistakes. It should go without saying but we seem to have to say it all too often. What most of us do is let our mistake get us down and out. I’m guilty of this as well. The mistake is made, you apologize, and try your hardest to move on and move forward. You become stagnant and still, waiting for validation to move on. In this negative space, we end up adopting the feeling. We get used to being in that space and hold on to our vices. Some eat a lot, some get lazy, some get really focused on one thing. This is dangerous to who you are because it becomes more about coping than it does about living. Do not let your mistakes define who you are trying to become. You still have worth, do not ever forget that. You do not need the validation of those you hurt to move on. It is easy to feel that you do need the permission to feel good about yourself again but that is not up to anyone else. You control you. the best thing you can do is look your consequence in the face and embrace the work that comes afterward. Use your mistakes as stepping stones Don’t let them kill you. Be blessed! Be Inspired!


Searching For Something Good

We all search for the good in life and the path can be dangerous as hell. The danger is that is the obstacles we face when looking for something good we aren’t always ready for. Here’s the easy solution. Do not search for the good, let it happen. Let the good things happen through your habits instead of chasing the trophy. Most of us chase the glory and fame as if that will give us all the happiness in the world. Subconsciously that is what we are taught but it’s just a smoke screen to real happiness. I’ve learned that happiness is the temporary satisfaction we look for but joy is the real goal. Stop chasing the finish line and work. Let the chips fall where they fall. Be blessed! Be Inspired!


Weekend Motivation

Take some chances this weekend. Try and do something today and tomorrow that may scare you, make you cringe, or better yet do something that you flat out don’t want to do. Why? Marquis, why do I need to do this? I’ll tell you why. You need to get out of your regular routine every once in a while. Shock your system and challenge your mind. You need to challenge yourself because it keeps you sharp. Every weekend motivation ultimately is about keeping your mind sharp and working at maximum compacity.

This weekend, I’m going to try my hardest to not be so afraid of spiders. Laugh if you want but spiders are terrifying. I may or may not attempt to hold a spider this weekend. Pray for your boy lol. Get out of your comfort zone and make shit happen. Be blessed! Be Inspired!


Stop Predicting

The best game we as humans like to do is predict the future. We all want to be Psychics but we aren’t. Stop predicting the future and put the work in. Here’s what I know to be true. You predicting what will happen will lead you to either disappointment or having to pick up the pieces of a lie you created. Trust me, I know this from experience. I’m a work in progress just like you.

The blueprint in whatever you want to accomplish is available to you. Either on paper or in the mind and experience of someone who has done it before you. Why predict at that point? Seek the help and follow the plan. Put the work in and get YOUR results. Most of you want the results of someone else and again that can lead you down a road of disappointment. You don’t have to do everything just like your mentor but you can take their input and apply what you have learned to your own life and style of play. Be yourself, follow your instincts and do the work! Be blessed! Be Inspired!



How many secrets do you keep to yourself?

Hear me out, I’m really asking you how many of your own secrets do you keep inside and don’t tell anyone about? Not even your best friend, spouse, parent, child. These secrets are what haunt you in the moments of fear or success. I’m not saying blurt out any and everything about yourself to everybody as some sort of liberation but If it makes you feel better, go for it. The point is telling someone what you are afraid to face will give you the courage to push through the wall that’s blocking you from your version of freedom. The worst kind of prison anyone can be in is in the daydreams of what your life looks like in the perfect way. We fear it because we don’t know what lies ahead on the path we have chosen to take to get there. Take some professional not so professional advice. Let it go! Be blessed! Be Inspired!